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Airpro Automatic Fork Bleeder


1)What benefit does an Airpro Automatic Fork Bleeder provide the owner of a bike with a spring -type fork?

Spring -type forks were engineered to perform at their highest level with no air pressure. Unfortunately, air pressure builds up inside the fork with each and every impact. Even after a few seconds of riding, the increased air  pressure  creates harshness in the fork, which interferes with handling, cornering ability, and stability. Much of the "headshake" riders face can be attributed to increased air pressure in the forks. The AirPro Automatic Bleeder doesn't allow any pressure to build in the forks.

2) There are many aftermarket push-button and remote fork bleeders available. Why do I want an Airpro automatic fork bleeder?

The Airpro bleeds off all excess air while you ride. There  are no buttons to push and no remotes to mess with. Every aftermarket push- button bleeder we tested had an issue with dirt or sand becoming trapped underneath the buttons. This in turn compromises the seal within the bleeder and oil often leaked on top of each fork. The remote unit we have tested worked ok, but with that product, you had to remember to push the remote button every few minutes to retain any  fork plushness.

At Airpro, we would rather have you focus on your race instead of have to remember to push a button on your handlebars.          

3) How long does it take to install an Airpro Fork Bleeder?

 Depending on the bike and your mechanical prowess, a typical timeframe to in stall an Airpro is ten minutes. Some of the KTM's and Husaberg  Enduro versions may take 15 minutes because of the odometer spacing.  

4) Where are Airpros made?

Airpros are designed and manufactured in the USA. We build quality components and we utilize machined inserts on each end of our air lines to insure the best possible connection. Our products perform, we speak English, and we take care of our customers. 

5) Does Airpro offer a "Racer Support Program?"

We do!! Email us your resume and we will see what we can do to get you on Team Airpro. –general questions –resumes/rider support


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